COVID_19 health measures outlines

COVID_19 health measures outlines
On September 16, 2020; there have been 29,444,198 confirmed cases of COVID_19  including 931,321 deaths, reported to WHO.
The United States on top with 6,496,246 confirmed cases, where in India is second with 5, 020,359, and Brazil third with 4,345,610 confirmed cases.
There are virtually confirmed cases on every country worldwide.
The global COVID_19 outbreak is leading to an acute and drastic shortage of essential supplies, diagnostic and clinical management.
The WHO devises strategic preparedness and response plan that outlines the public health measures that the international community stands ready to provide to support all countries to prepare and respond to COVID-19.
The plan emphasis availability of PPE, develop solidarity trials, encourage partners platforms, accelerate R&D for tools accessable to all, guidance and training, combatting misinformation, strengthening laboratory, treatment capacity and biomedical equipment, and promote global partnerships and multisectoral collaboration.


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